About Sulmac Water Diverters

Sulmac Inc. has been producing quality products and servicing our customers since 1947. Sulmac consists of two divisions today: Sulmac, Inc. and Deway Manufacturing.

Our headquarters are located in Holyoke, Massachusetts just 150 feet from where our roots started in 1947. We also have manufacturing facilities in Newburyport and Wilbraham, Massachusetts. We ship all over the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

We have achieved global recognition for our products uniqueness, quality and service. At Sulmac we feel it is vital to service our customers with prompt and courteous attention, especially when you need our products in emergency situations.

2024 Pricing

SizeQty 1-3Qty 4+
3' x 6'$78.00$74.00
3' x 8'$82.00$78.00
3' x 10'$84.00$80.00
6' x 6'$92.00$88.00
6' x 8'$99.00$95.00
6' x 10'$107.00$102.00
2' x 2'$42.00$39.00
3' x 3'$46.00$42.00
4' x 4'$55.00$51.00
5' x5'$70.00$66.00
7' x 7'$88.00$84.00
8' x 8'$114.00$110.00
10' x 10'$168.00$165.00
12' x 12'$240.00$237.00

Frequently Asked Questions

A water diverter is a quick fix to a leaky roof. The leak diverter protect you inventory, equipment and people from serious disasters.  They are a temporary fix to a roof leak but can also be used in problem areas as a preventative measure.

The diverter is very easily installed. It hangs from any ceiling with bungee cords. There are several heavy duty brass grommets along the edges and in corners, to make for easy hanging. After the diverter is hung a standard (3/4” ) garden hose is attached. This then diverts the water to a bucket, drain or any other basin you can use close by.

We offer a variety of sizes for problematic areas of your roof.  The choice is up to you. The flow rate per diverter is approximately 3 gallons per minute.

Yes. We carry 12 stock sizes and can ship next day if need be.

If a custom size is needed, orders can be filled in 5 – 10 business days, depending on size.

Custom sizes can also vary with the location of the drain. This will allow for meeting every need in that problem area.

Our diverters are made from clear, heavy duty vinyl coated poly. They are mold, mildew and fire resistant. Heavy duty brass grommets are along the reinforced edges for optimal tear strength resistance. A standard size garden hose attaches to the center for every diverter.

The water diverter can be ordered online, by email or by phone:




We accept all major credit cards or approved purchases by your company’s PO system.

Sulmac is the original inventor of the leak/water diverter, established in 1985.